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Issue 181


408 The Beetle: Volkswagen Advertising in the United States, by Robert H. Levenson, New York

416 Beetle Advertising in Great Britain

418 Beetle Advertising in Germany, by Werner Butter, Dusseldorf

422Advico - An Agency with a Gift for Visualization, by Ruedi Kulling, Zurich

440 Roy Carruthers, by Jerome Snyder, New York

448 Sarah Moon, by Allan Porter, Lucerne

462 Loeb:The Show-Window - Interface with the Public, by Fred Zaugg, Berne

468 L'Ogresse - Tunisian Children Illustrate Fables, by Nacer Khemir, Korba, Tunisia

476 The Pictographic Manuscripts of Ancient Mexico, by Dr. Hans Biedermann, Graz

486 Gunther Stiller, by Henning Wendland, Hamburg

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