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Issue 179


226 The One Show. The 54th Annual Exhibition of the Art Directors Club in Association with the 15th Annual Copy Club of New York Awards Competition, by Jerome Snyder, New York

254 Roland Topor, by Manuel Gasser, Zurich

264 Grafik-Design Deutschland 71/72/73/74, by Hans Kuh, Zurich

276 Co-ordinated Packaging Design for Department-Store Brands, by Urs Fanger, Zurich

282 Kroehl Design Group, by Hans Kuh, Zurich

290 Marguerita, by Stanley Mason, Zurich

294 Annecy 75: 10th International Cartoon Film Festival, by Nino Weinstock, Basle

304 Photosculptures by Klaus Kammerichs, by Hans Kuh, Zurich

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