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Issue 177


10 Introducing this special issue, by Virginia Haviland, Washington

12 US Children's Books in a Changing World, by Jerome Snyder, New York

30 Children's Book Illustration in Britain, by John Ryder, London

38 New Children's Books - or Parents' Books? - in France, by Christine Chagnoux, Paris

48 New Trends in Children's Books in Germany, by Dr. Ingeborg Ramseger, Munich

60 Tradition and Internationalism in the Swiss Children's Book, by Dr. Jurg Schatzmann, Zurich

76 The Japanese Picture-Book in Past and Present, by Tadashi Matsui, Tokyo

84 Polish Illustrators and the Children's Book, by Miecszylaw Piotrowski, Warsaw

94 Contemporary Children's Book Illustration in Czechoslovakia, by Dr. Dusan Roll, Bratislava

100 The Future Evolution of the art of the Picture-Book, by Anna Katharina Ulrich, Basle

116 Aggression in the Children's Book, by Dr. Franz Caspar, Zurich

122 Prizes and Awards for Illustrated Children's Books

123 Index to Illustrators

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