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Issue 15


286 Andre Beaurepaire (Jean Cocteau)

294 Peynet or “Love of One’s Neighbour” (Colette Vasselon)

308 Vertes on Fragrance (W.H. Allner)

316 Erwin Blumenfeld (W.H. Allner)

328 Edward Cocker. The Calligraphic Figures (Hans Kasser)

336 Ch. Berard, Set Designer (C.J. Delbo)

347 Feliks Topolski, War and Peace (C.F.O. Clarke)

356 Art of the table – Printed Plates

362 The Times – A Revolution in Newspaper Printing (C.F.O. Clarke)

366 Notes on the Present State of British Typography

374 R.A. Brandt (John Keir Cross)

380 I.C.I. – A New Departure in Advertising

386 PKZ – From a Competition (Hans Kasser)

397 Book Review

398 Bucherchronik

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