All creatives and writers who contributed to over 60 years of Graphis Magazine from 1944 to 2005 are listed below in alphabetical order by last name. These 355 issues give rare insight into the historical emergence of our professions from a start in Fine Art through the evolution to Graphic Design (or commercial art) and Advertising as we know them today. As a reminder, Professional Members gain full access to these priceless archives.

History Of Graphis Magazine — Graphis Magazine, The International Journal of Visual Communication, was designed and published by Walter Herdeg from 1944 through 1985. It originally presented work from Fine Artists such as Picasso, Vasarely, Munch, and many more; later, it presented the evolution of Graphic Design as we know it today, followed by Illustration, Photography, and eventually Advertising.

Herdeg also initiated Graphis Annual (Design integrated with Illustration) in 1952, followed by Photographis (Design integrated with Photography) in 1966, and Graphis Posters in 1973. He also published books on a variety of topics such as Comics, Diagrams, Ephemera, and Television Graphics.

In 1985, Herdeg retired and sold Graphis to B. Martin Pedersen, who redefined the Annuals by separating them into Design, Photography, Advertising, and New Talent for student work. He also began publishing non-Annuals in Typography, Branding, Brochures, Annual Reports, and Logo & Letterhead. Pedersen continued with the Magazine until 2005 when it ceased due to global economic decline.

From 1997-2000, (issues 307-323), Graphis commissioned great writers such as Tom Wolfe (interviewed Milton Glaser in issue 331), Truman Capote (wrote about Richard Avedon’s portraits in issue 86), Pete Hamill (wrote about “The Public and Private Art of David Levine” in issue 321 and Milton Glaser in issue 324), and Paola Antonelli (wrote about Pierluigi Cerri in issue 286, Italo Lupi in issue 276, and Achille Castiglioni in issue 285), among many others. Pedersen relaunched the Magazine as Graphis Journal, which continues to present quality editorial about the talent behind the extraordinary artwork in the industry.

I sincerely believe that much of the Platinum and Gold Award-winning work we have been receiving over the years qualifies as fine art. —B. Martin Pedersen

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Galland, Bertil, Author

Gallardo, Gervasio, Artist & Illustrator

Games, Abram, Designer

Ganz, Michael, Author

Gaon, Itzhak, Author

Garamond, Jacques N., Designer

Garcia, Rita, Author

Garfinkel, Nancy, Author

Garnier, Maurice, Artist & Illustrator

Garrett, Malcolm, Designer

Garretto, Paulo, Artist & Illustrator

Garside, Jack, Author

Gascar, Pierre, Author

Gasser, Hans Ulrich, Author

Gasser, Manuel, Author

Gauchat, Pierre, Author, Designer

Gavler, Martin, Designer

Gehry, Frank, Architect

Geiser, Dr. Bernhard, Author

Geismar, Thomas H., Author

Geissbuhler, Domenic, Designer

Geissbuhler, Stephan, Author

Geist, Hans-Friedrich, Author

Geldzahler, Henry, Author

Gelman, Alexander, Designer

Gentilini, Franco, Artist & Illustrator

George, Waldemar, Author

Gerard, Jean "Grandville" Ignace Isidore, Artist & Illustrator

Gericke, Michael, Designer

Gerold, Elisabeth, Author

Gerster, Dr. Georg, Author

Gertz, Prof. Ulrich, Author

Gessner, Robert S., Author

Gheerbrant, B., Author

Ghirshman, Roman, Author

Giachi, Dr. Ariana, Author

Giagio, D., Artist & Illustrator, Designer

Giani, Renato, Author

Gibson, Ralph, Photographer

Gid, Raymond, Author

Giedion, S., Author

Gill, Bob, Author, Designer

Gill, Brendan, Author

Gillet, Francois, Photographer

Gilliam, Terry, Film

Gimenez, Edgardo, Architect, Designer

Giovannetti, P. L., Author

Girvin, Tim, Author, Designer

Gisiger, Hansjorg, Author

Gitlin, Todd, Author

Giudici, Giovanni, Author

Giuliani, Vin, Designer

Giusti, George, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Giusti, Robert, Designer

Gjelseth, Kai, Author

Glaser, Milton, Author, Designer

Glasser, Manuel, Author

Glavimans, A., Author

Gleason, Vincent, Author

Gnoli, Domenico, Artist & Illustrator

Godlewski, Josef, Author

Goetz, Helga, Author

Goffin, Josse, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Goldberg, Carin, Designer

Goldberger, Paul, Author

Goldfine, Gil, Author

Goldsmith, Maurice, Author

Goldstaub-Dainotto, Edna, Author

Goldwater, Robert, Author

Golec, Michael, Author

Golinsese, G., Author

Gomez-Sicre, Jose, Author

Gomringer, Eugen, Author

Gonin, Andrew, Designer

Gonin, Pierre, Designer

Goodman, David, Author

Goodwin, Archie, Author

Gordon, Michael, Author

Gordon Lazareff, Helene, Author

Gorey, Edward, Artist & Illustrator, Author

Gorham, John, Designer

Gorowski, Mieczyslaw, Designer

Gottlicher, Erhard, Artist & Illustrator

Gottschalk, Fritz, Author, Designer

Gottschall, Edward M., Author

Gould, Jerome, Designer

Gowing, Mary, Author

Goya, Francisco, Artist & Illustrator

Gradmann, Dr. Erwin, Author

Graf, Urs, Artist & Illustrator

Grandval, Sophie, Artist & Illustrator

Granger, Michel, Artist & Illustrator

Grashow, James, Artist & Illustrator

Gray, Basil, Author

Gray, Milner, Architect

Greenaway, Peter, Film

Greene, Merle, Artist & Illustrator, Other

Grefe, Ric, Author

Gregor, Prof. Joseph, Author

Greiman, April, Designer

Griebel, Fritz, Author

Grieder, Walter, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Grieshaber, Helmut Andreas Paul, Author, Artist & Illustrator

Grignani, Franco, Author, Designer

Grignani, Jeanne, Designer

Grimault, Paul, Artist & Illustrator, Film

Grimbly, Brian, Author

Grindler, Frieder, Designer

Groger, Herbert, Author

Grohmann, Prof. Will, Author

Grossman, Luis, Author

Grossman, Robert, Artist & Illustrator

Gruau, Rene, Artist & Illustrator

Gruber, L. Fritz, Author

Gruen, Chuck, Author

Gruttner, Professor Rudolf, Author

Gubbins, Bill, Author

Guber, L.F., Author

Gudnason, Torkil, Photographer

Guerin, Robert, Author

Guffey, Dione M., Author

Guillaume, Bernard, Author

Guillemin, Henri, Author

Gurtler, Andre, Author

Gussow, Mel, Author

Gutierrez, Fernando, Designer

Gutman-Safan, Elana, Author

Guyatt, Richard, Author

Guzzi, Virgilio, Author

Gyger, Hans Conrad, Artist & Illustrator

Gyllan, Peter, Author