Poster Annual 2013

Graphis Poster Annual 2013 is the definitive showcase of the 100 best Posters of the year chosen from numerous international entries. The collection features 9 Platinum and 91 Gold award-winning Posters from Italy, South Africa, Switzerland, Korea, The Netherlands, Japan and the United States, amongst many others. Graphis also features an interview with Rick Valicenti, the founder and Design Director of Thirst in Chicago — a firm devoted to “art, function and real human presence.” The book presents full-page, full-color images of the winning entries, along with a case study detailing how and why the poster was produced. There is also a detailed index of the winning designers and other creative contributors. The book is intended to be an invaluable reference for designers and clients alike.

It’s about whittling. It’s about taking something and whittling it down until it is sharp and perfect. Then you’ve got something. James VictoreJames Victore Inc.
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