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Inspired by a commitment to achievement through excellence in teaching, applied learning and innovation:
-We will set the benchmark to which all colleges will aspire, and be recognized as a key resource in shaping the future of Toronto as a leading global city.
-We will build a seamless bridge between learners and employment as we develop dynamic programs, and workplace-ready graduates who will be the candidates of choice for employers.
-We will create a community of life-long learners, grounded in the principles of access, diversity, mutual respect and accountability.



Enrolled Students

15,000 students, including those studying in foreign countries

Tuition Undergraduate

Base tuition for Canadian citizens and permanent residents ranges from $2,290- $11,800 per year and base tuition for international students ranges from $11,400- $22,000 per year.

Notable Alumni

School of Design→ Kristina Camara, Kai Exos and Paul Fleming; School of Fashion Studies→ Troy Amos Ross, Shelly Purdy, Diane Hansen, Andrew Goss and Sarah Wallace; School of Performing Arts→ Tara Roberts, Missy Kitching, Angela Adams, Zak Kearns, Jane Abrams and Marcus Lundgren.


The Centre for Arts and Design consists of three different undergraduate schools, which are the School of Design, the School of Fashion Studies, which includes programs in fashion and jewelry, and the School Performing Arts. Within these schools, there are a total of 33 diploma programs, 25 advanced diploma programs, 6-degree programs and 27 graduate degree programs.


George Brown College’s Awards program recognizes excellence and assists students with the costs of their education through non-repayable scholarships, awards and bursaries. The GBC Awards Online Application system allows you to identify awards, scholarships,and bursaries that you may be eligible for.

Financial Aid

OSAP (the Ontario Student Assistance Program) provides assistance through loans, bursaries, grants and work-study opportunties based on your calculated financial need.

Undergraduate Programs

School of Design→ Game Development and Graphic Design.
School of Fashion Studies→ Fashion Business, Fashion Management, Fashion Techniques and Design, Jewelry Arts, Jewelry Essentials and Jewelry Methods.
School of Performing Arts→ Commercial Dance Studies, Dance Performance Preparation, Dance Performance Studies, General Arts and Science- Introduction to Performing Arts Careers and the Theatre Arts Program.

Graduate Programs

School of Design→ Interdisciplinary Design Strategy, Design Management, Digital Design- Game Design and Digital Design- Advanced Digital Design.
School of Fashion Studies→ International Fashion Development and Management.

Continuing Education

There are a total of 1,600 continuing education courses. Within the area of art and design, there are continuing education courses offered in a variety of subjects, including fashion design, fashion merchandising, image consulting, jewelry, millinery, pattern drafting, sewing, acting, dance, film & video production, cartooning, fine arts, garden design, graphic design, interior decorating, photography and web design & development.

On Campus Clubs

George Brown University offers both career-oriented clubs and athletic clubs so that students have plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus.

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