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Folkwang University of the Arts

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Klemensborn 39 45239
Essen (Werden),



+49 (0) 201_4903-0


The Folkwang idea is a commitment that provides us with new challenges on a daily basis

The Folkwang University of Arts is a place of interdisciplinary artistic, pedagogical and scientific research, teaching and practice. We are the main training centre for music, theatre, dance, design and academic studies in North Rhine Westphalia and firmly anchored in the Ruhr metropolis with our five locations - Essen-Werden, Essen-Zollverein, Duisburg, Theatre Centre Bochum and Orchestra Centre|NRW in Dortmund. The Folkwang University is thus in the heart of one of the largest industrial-cultural centres in Europe. We have a large impact in the region as a whole, and from there our network spreads out on a global basis.

Folkwang is the unity of all the arts

The name ‘Folkwang’ has become synonymous with a unique concept for artistic learning and communication. The basis for the foundation of the first Folkwang school in 1927 is due to a vision Karl Ernst Osthaus had over a hundred years ago: he wanted to create an interdisciplinary cooperation of the arts, and anchor all the arts in the centre of a democratic society. Then as now, the Folkwang University of the Arts has been following social realities, and has thus helped the arts become a living and breathing factor of society by setting innovative as well as creative accents, thereby setting pioneering impulses for the future.

We provide art and education

Folkwang University of the Arts prides itself in training and fostering personalities that are characterised by their outstanding artistic, scientific and pedagogical competence, a broad horizon of knowledge and a large degree of individuality, creativity and social responsibility. We understand artistic education as an unalienable element of general education, and perceive the Folkwang University of the Arts as a home of young personalities, which will be further developed both with them and through them. We shape these development processes fully conscious of our cultural heritage, remain focussed on the continually evolving needs of the artistic professions and realities, and in this manner contribute to the further development of the career and everyday world of artists, scientists and pedagogues.

Our institution is open to the world

The Folkwang idea for interdisciplinary cooperation is entirely unique in terms of an artistic-pedagogical concept. Not least for this reason, the Folkwang University of the Arts has assumed a leading role as an international contact partner for artistic learning and practical application as well as for development projects in the areas of art and academic studies. In this manner, global partnerships, university exchanges and international projects have on an increasing scale become an inherent part of teaching and research – as key pillars of our strategy oriented to the future.

Our potential lies in diversity

At the Folkwang University of the Arts, students and teachers with European as well as international backgrounds enrich the overall profile in a sustainable manner from the very beginning. They provide an environment of creativity far beyond national borders. We perceive the diversity of all university students as a long-term potential. This diversity is for us a contribution to both educational equality and to excellence. We therefore actively promote the productive diversity of our students, teachers, colleagues and alumni not only by gender mainstreaming measures, but also by diversity management. We attach great value to open communication, a social sense of responsibility and a participatory style of leadership designed to ensure the involvement in the further development of our university at all levels.

Our study programme is interdisciplinary based

The Folkwang study programme comprises some 40 study courses in its wide range of university subjects with internationally recognised Bachelor, Master and Artist diplomas as well as possibilities for doctorate and post doctorate qualifications. In addition, further education courses serve to optimally develop the individual potentials with regard to lifelong learning. The interdisciplinary Folkwang idea and the active, transdisciplinary exchange are fostered with particular emphasis in the Folkwang LABs. These discipline transcending project laboratories are an integrative component of the study programme. Thanks to more than 300 public events, including many cooperation projects with theatres, concert halls, museums, galleries and schools, students of all disciplines at Folkwang experience a practice-oriented and vibrant exchange at an early stage.



Notable Sponsors

Alfred und Cläre Pott-Stiftung
Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung
Bank im Bistum Essen e.G.
Bistum Essen
Deutsche Bank
Dr. Alfred Hoff Sonderpreis
Dr. Egon und Hildegard Diener-Stiftung
Dr. Josef und Brigitte Pauli Stiftung
Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der Folkwang Universität der Künste e.V. Essen (GFFF)
Günter Pilger-Stiftung
Herr Arnd Hallemeier
Hochschulstiftung Folkwang
Ilse Palm-Stiftung
Inge und Karl-Werner Lentzsch-Stiftung
Josef und Else Classen-Stiftung
Kulturstiftung Essen
Kunststiftung NRW
Lions Club Essen-Werethina
Marianne Ingenwerth-Stiftung
Sparkasse Duisburg
Sparkasse Essen
Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft
Stiftung der Sparkasse Bochum zur Förderung von Kultur und Wissenschaft
Stiftung Mercator
Stiftung Pro Bochum
Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
Wüstenrot Stiftung
Zonta Club Essen I
Zonta Club Essen II


Music, Theatre, Dance, Design, Academic Studies


Folkwang Prize

The Society of Friends and Sponsors of the Folkwang University gives up to five prizes every year for the best artistic performances by students that year. Prizes are generally awarded in the following categories:

Two prizes in the "Music" category.
Two prizes in the "Performing art" category (incl. stage productions and individual artistic performances).
One prize for the "Composition" or "Jazz" category (the discipline in which applications are invited changes each year).
One prize in the "Concept concert" category (every two years).
Awarding of the prizes takes place in the summer semester. Prizes carry equal value (in 2008: 2,500 euros). An increase in the case of ensembles may be possible.
Students who are in at least their third semester of study at the Folkwang University of the Arts may apply. Applications require the written approval of the specialist subject teacher.



In 2001, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kurt Jooss (1901–1979), co-founder of the Folkwang Hochschule and founder of the Folkwang Dance Studio, a Dance encouragement prize for young choreographers was established and named after him.

Applications are solicited internationally by the Anna Markard (nee Jooss) Foundation, Herman Markard and the City of Essen. The prize is to the value of 6,000 euros and is awarded once every three years. It is open to young choreographers who are working professionally but are not yet established. Applicants are subject to neither stylistic constraint nor age limit.

More detailed information can be obtained from the Cultural Office (Kulturbüro) of the City of Essen. Tel.: 0201_8841203 or by email:

Köhler-Osbahr Foundation Encouragement Prize

The Köhler-Osbahr Foundation for the Encouragement of Art and Scholarship was established in 1986 by the couple Ingeborg Köhler Osbahr and Dr. Herbert W. Köhler. The Encouragement prize for up-and-coming musicians has been awarded annually since 1994 and is an important instrument for the musical encouragement of young people. The award recognises students of the Folkwang University of the Arts Duisburg location and of the Lower Rhine School of Music and Art (Niederrheinische Musik- und Kunstschule) in Duisburg. The prize money amounts to a total of 7,500 euros. The annual awarding of the prizes takes place as part of a concert in the foyer of the City of Duisburg Theatre. The artistic director of the competition is Prof. Till Engel.

Further information and registration:
Folkwang Universität der Künste (Standort Duisburg) | Künstlerisches Betriebsbüro
Düsseldorfer Strasse 19
47051 Duisburg
Andrea Splittstößer
Tel.: 0203 295 88 13

International Carl Bechstein Piano Competition – Ruhr

The international Carl Bechstein piano competition continues in the tradition of its patron, Carl Bechstein, who was actively committed to addressing the needs of musicians and fellow citizens of his time. This competition is not about pianistic perfection alone but about artistry. The competition programme encompasses the important standard works of the piano repertoire, from the baroque via the Viennese classical and the German and European romantic to the music of our time. The artistic personalities of the candidates and their aptitude for the demands of the present-day concert business can be best discerned across this broad spectrum. In addition, the age limit (up to the candidate’s 40th birthday), unusual on the competition scene, allows pianists to compete who have already established a profile but who are not yet widely recognised. Artistic director of the competition is Professor Boris Bloch.

Further information and registration:

Folkwang Ensemble in Residence

The title of Folkwang Ensemble in Residence is awarded for a period of two years by the Folkwang University of the Arts and the Dr. Josef and Brigitte Pauli Foundation. The purpose is to provide encouragement for young chamber music ensembles that have a promising future and are ready to establish themselves in international concert life. The title is the flagship for the Folkwang University of the Arts’ artistic / chamber music training, and it represents an appreciation for and valuing of chamber music interpretation at the very highest level.

The prize includes a cash award of 5,000 euros, two concerts at the Folkwang University of the arts and participation in two projects in the area of chamber music training at the Hochschule.

Folkwang Competition

The soloists in symphony concerts at the Folkwang University of the Arts are selected within the framework of an audition process – the Folkwang Competition. Winners receive 1,000 euros each from the Dr. Josef and Brigitte Pauli Foundation and appear with the Folkwang University of the Arts orchestra. Students (string players) are recommended for the audition by their teachers.

Financial Aid


Application Procedure

Online Applications

Undergraduate Programs


German French Musicology Study Course (B.A. / Licence des Arts et Sciences humaines)
Instrumental Training (B.Mus.)
Integrative Composition (B.Mus.)
Jazz | Performing Artist (B.Mus.)
Musicology (B.A.)
Music Pedagogy (B.Mus.)
Music Teaching (B.A.)
Voice | Music Theatre (B.Mus.)

Acting (Artist Diploma)
Acting | Directing (Artist Diploma)
Musical Theatre (B.A.)
Physical Theatre (Artist Diploma)
Voice | Music Theater (B.Mus.)

Dance (B.A.)

Communication Design (B.A.)
Industrial Design (B.A.)
Photography (B.A.)
Academic Studies

German French Musicology Study course (B.A. / Licence des Arts et Sciences humaines)
Music pedagogy (B.Mus.)
Musicology (B.A. / Two-Subject Bachelor)
Music teaching (B.A.)

Graduate Programs


Instrumental Training (M.Mus.)
Integrative Composition (M.Mus.)
Integrative Music Theory (M.Mus.)
Jazz | Artistic Producer (M.Mus.)
Jazz | Improvising Artist (M.Mus.)
Music of the Middle Ages (M.Mus.)
Music Teaching (M.Ed.)
Musicology (M.A.)
Orchestral Performance (M.Mus.)
Popular Music (M. Mus)
Professional Performance (M.Mus.)
Music of the Middle Ages
Vocal Ensemble Direction (M.Mus.)

Phd programme and Habilitation in following subjects: Musicology, Music pedagogy, Educational science

Voice Performance (Master of Music)

Dance composition | Choreography (M.A.)
Dance composition | Movement Notation/Movement Analysis (M.A.)
Dance composition | Interpretation (M.A.)
Dance pedagogy for artistic dance (M.A.)

Art and Design Science (M.A.)
Photography Studies and Practice (M.A.)
Photography Studies and Research (M.A.)
Graduate Programme Design Heterotopia (Folkwang Brief für Gestaltung)

Phd programme and Habilitation in following subjects: Art sciences, Design sciences, Ergonomics
Academic Studies

Musicology (M.A.)
Integrative music theory (M.Mus.)
School music teaching (M.Ed.)
Art and Design Science (M.A.)

Phd programme and Habilitation in following subjects: Musicology, Music pedagogy, Educational science, Art sciences, Design sciences, Ergonomics

Further Education


Gregorian chant (certificate)
Singing with Children (extra occupational postgraduate M.Mus.)
Singing with Children (certificate)

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