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Who will create tomorrow’s fashion? Tomorrow’s media? Tomorrow’s designs? Or tomorrow’s cuisine?

You’ll find those answers at The Art Institutes schools. It’s our mission to take your talent and passion and help channel that energy into a productive and fulfilling career. That means giving you the education, skills, and experience so you’re prepared for the world of opportunity that exists for creative thinkers like you.

Join our student body to discover what we have to offer, including:

A creative, collaborative community that shares your energy. Explore our over 45 campuses to see just how lively and interesting an Art Institutes education can be.
Faculty and staff who inspire and mentor. They’ll guide you as they respect and nurture your unique talent.
Professional-grade technology that gives you the tools to see your vision come to life.
A nationwide network of career services to help network with employers who are hiring. That means connecting you to entry-level opportunities in the creative economy.
Degree programs in the areas of design, media arts, fashion, and culinary. We offer associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs, as well as diploma and certificate programs.
No matter which career path you choose, there’s never been a better time to follow it to a creative career—starting with an Art Institutes education that gives you the tools you need to build the future you want.



Enrolled Students

3,319 students (as of Fall 2011)

Notable Alumni

Culinary Arts→ Zulaine Govin, Courtney Renn, Justin Balmes, and Heidi J. Leon; Graphic Design → Jason Abbott, Cecilia Sortino-Berggvist, and Shao Chun-Huang; Interior Design→ Timothy Tew, Carla Kantola, and Jennie Rusciano; Media Arts & Animation→ Charles Whitehead, Baird Hoffmire, Fumi Yozawa, and Adam Gershowitz; Photographic Imaging→ Chris Hamilton; Video Production→ Colt Logan; Web Design & Interactive Media→ Brooke McCargo and Jimmy Chang.


20 Degree Programs, including B.F.A, B.A, B.S, and A.A degrees, and 11 Diploma Programs.


Each school at The Art Institute of Atlanta offers various scholarships, awards, and grants to new and continuing students. Offers may be based on program of study, attendance, financial need, academic achievement, and community-service credentials.

Financial Aid

The Art Institute of Atlanta utilizes FAFSA in order to determine the correct amount of financial aid necessary per family. There are multiple financial aid resources available to help qualified students and families pay for education costs. Student loans are the most common choice, but other options include federal grants, the federal work-study program (FWS), and scholarships.

Undergraduate Programs

Baking & Pastry (A.A), Culinary Arts (A.A), Wine, Spirits & Beverage Management (A.A), Culinary Arts Management (B.S), Food & Beverage Management (B.S), Baking & Pastry (Diploma), and Culinary Arts (Diploma); Design→ Graphic & Web Design (A.A), Advertising (B.A), Designing for Tablets: Digital Publishing (B.F.A), Graphic & Web Design (B.F.A), Illustration (B.F.A), Interior Design (B.F.A), Advertising Design (Diploma), Digital Design (Diploma), and Residential Interiors (Diploma); Fashion→ Fashion & Retail Management (B.A) and Fashion Retailing (Diploma); Media Arts→ Photographic Imaging (A.A), Video Production (A.A), Audio Production (B.A), Digital Filmmaking & Video Production (B.F.A), Game Art & Design (B.F.A), Media Arts & Animation (B.F.A), Photographic Imaging (B.F.A), Visual & Game Programming (B.A), Visual Effects & Motion Graphics (B.F.A), Commercial Photography (Diploma), Video Skills (Diploma), Web Design & Development (Diploma), and Web Design & Interactive Communications (Diploma).

On Campus Clubs

Many students at The Art Institute of Atlanta participate in student leadership functions, volunteer for local charities, and/or join a club that pertains to one’s personal interests.

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