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Aalto University

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Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Hämeentie 135 C
Otaniemi, Espoo
00076 FI







The School of Arts, Design and Architecture is an institution of higher education for design, media, architecture, motion picture, art education and art. The new school, formed in a merger of the School of Art and Design and the Department of Architecture of the School of Engineering, will carry forward the internationally recognised expertise created by its predecessors.

The new school combines the areas of design and implementation of human-oriented environments as well as areas of research and teaching based on humanistic and cultural traditions. Cooperation and interaction between the different disciplines of the school challenge technology-driven thinking and put greater emphasis on a human and user-centred approach in the creation of environments.

The school's unique character is a result of its ability to combine experience stemming from a long tradition with new thinking in a way that enables new, creative solutions. The key areas of research are design, digital media, audiovisual representation, art, visual culture, well-being architecture and emerging technologies, and urban planning and design. The school produces specialists and innovators of art, design and architecture with strong artistic and technical skills.

The links between teaching, research and artistic activities and other society, business and culture are active and very close. Partners include top Finnish and international universities and centres of expertise, such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Delft, KAIST, Chalmers and Nokia, Kone, Kodak, Toyota, Hyundai, Saab, Panasonic, ABB, Canon, Alessi, Marimekko, Iittala, Fiskars and Suunto.




5,000 staff members, 370 professors

Enrolled Students


Tuition Undergraduate

For the intake of 2014, no tuition fees will be charged, including students that are selected by the application process in 2014

Tuition Graduate

8,000euro/academic year for current non-EU/EEA students

Notable Sponsors

China’s Tongji University, Stanford University in California, and the Technology Academy of Finland, which awards the Millennium Technology Prize.

Notable Alumni

Famous alumni
The School of Business alumni are Aalto-educated pacesetters of society.

Timo Löyttyniemi
'The education offered at the School of Business is wide ranging, and it has provided excellent capabilities for different positions. Other central aspects have included learning by doing and getting to know great people.'
Timo Löyttyniemi
D.Sc. (Economics)
Managing Director of the State Pension Fund, member of the Aalto University’s advisory investment committee. The School of Business Alumnus of the Year 2012.

Anne Brunila
I majored in economics. It provided me with the right tools for understanding how the economy works, analysing information, distinguishing between major and minor things as well as how to be analytical. All of these things have served me well in my various positions.
Anne Brunila
D.Sc. (Economics)
Chair of the Board of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Vice Chair of the Aalto University Board. Member on the boards of the Kone Corporation, Sampo Plc, Sanoma Plc and Stora Enso Corporation.

Mika Ihamuotila
'Among the strengths of the School of Business was a high level of international networking. I spent one term as an exchange student in the United States, which opened up my horizons a great deal. I also appreciated the great combination of high-level teaching and research.'
Mika Ihamuotila
D.Sc. (Economics)
CEO of Marimekko Corporation

Sirkka Hämäläinen
'The greatest gift that the School of Economics gave me was the variety of education. Perhaps the most precious gift of all was the ability of engaged teachers to inspire curiosity and a never-ending thirst for new knowledge and study.'
Sirkka Hämäläinen
D.Sc. (Economics)
Vice Chairman of the Kone Corporation Board of Directors, Chair of the Finnish National Opera Foundation Board and Vice Chair of the Board of the University of the Arts Helsinki. The School of Business Alumna of the Year 2011.

Lasse Männistö
'The School of Business gave me excellent skills for both business life and politics. The school taught me that there is seldom one correct solution to difficult problems: the most important thing is adopting the correct way of thinking and understanding the interdependence of matters.'
Lasse Männistö
M.Sc. (Business Administration)
Member of the Finnish parliament and the Helsinki city council.


Undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered at each of the following schools: 4 Schools of Technology→ School of Engineering, School of Chemical Technology, School of Science, and the School of Electrical Engineering; School of Business→ general Bachelor’s degree program in economics and business administration and the International Business program; and the School of Arts, Design, and Architecture.


Scholarships are offered for non-EU/EEA citizens. There are no tuition fees and/or scholarships offered for citizens of EU/EEA (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) countries, citizens of Switzerland, non-EU/EEA citizens who are family members of European Union citizens, non-EU/EEA citizens who have a right to permanent residence in Finland, and non-EU/EEA citizens who have completed or who will complete Finnish Higher Education degree (university degree or degree from university of applied sciences by the end of July 2013.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is comprised of a study grant, a housing supplement, and a government guarantee for student loans. To be eligible for financial aid, each student needs to be in need of financial support, be a full-time at the university, and make satisfactory progress in his or her studies. Financial aid may be granted to Finnish citizens and also to foreign citizens, provided certain conditions are met. In addition, students who complete their degree within the set time are entitled to a student loan tax deduction.

Application Procedure

Familiarise yourself with the application processes by selecting the field and degree level suitable for you. The bachelor’s degree is a lower university degree preceding the master’s degree studies. The master’s degree is a higher university degree. For additional information on the levels of degree, please see general information about studies.

Application quick guide
Familiarise yourself with Aalto University's study options and see the reasons why to choose Aalto and information for future students

  1. Read instructions for applying and admission requirements carefully.
    Please note that Aalto University organises various admissions and each has its own application schedules and admission requirements and instructions as well.

Application period for BScBA programme in Mikkeli:
3 March 2014 - 1 April 2014
Application period for Master's Programmes:
16 December 2013 - 31 January 2014
Application periods for International double degree programmes
Register to the online application system, read the instructions, fill in the application and send it.
Please note that the application form is available only during the application period

Master's programmes:
Submit all the required documents and/or preassignments by the given deadline.

  1. Check the admission results and see if you have been accepted

  2. After you receive the letter of acceptance, accept the study place offered by the given deadline

  3. Read through all the material you have received from your school and enroll to the university

  4. Get to know Finland and student life at Aalto University as well as join the Aalto First Year Experience

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Program in International Business from the School of Business

Graduate Programs

Master’s Degree Programs at the School of Business→ Accounting, Corporate Communication, Economics, Finance, International Design Business Management, Strategy, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Information and Service Management, Management and International Business, Marketing, Creative Sustainability, and Creative Sustainability- Technology.
Master’s Degree Programs at the School of Engineering→ Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems, Geoinformatics, Real Estate Investment and Finance, Minerals and Environmental Program, Innovative and Sustainable Energy Engineering, Creative Sustainability, Managing Spatial Change, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nordic Master Program in Environmental Engineering, and Nordic Master Program in Maritime Engineering.
Master’s Degree Programs at the School of Chemical Technology→ Environmental Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems, Minerals and Environmental Program, Bioproduct Technology, and Process Systems Engineering.
Master’s Degree Programs at the School of Science→ Engineering Physics and Mathematics, Security and Mobile Computing, International Design Business Management, Mobile Computing- Services and Security, Strategy, ICT Innovation, Brain and Mind, Computational and Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Foundations of Advanced Computing, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Physics of Advanced Materials, Service Management and Engineering, and Applied and Engineering Mathematics.
Master’s Degree Programs at the School of Electrical Engineering→ Space Science and Technology, Communications Engineering, Radio Science and Engineering, Communications Ecosystem, Electrical Engineering, and Micro and Nanotechnology.
Master’s Degree Programs at the School of Arts, Design, and Architecture→ Applied Art and Design, Creative Business Management, Design for Theatre, Film, and Television- Scenography, Film and Television- Screenwriting, Graphic Design, International Design Business Management, Creative Sustainability, Nordic Master Program in Sustainable Urban Transitions, Sound in New Media, Textile Art and Design, ePedagogy Design, Architecture, Art Education- Curating, Managing, and Mediating Art, Creative Sustainability- Design for Theatre, Film, and Television, Production Design, Environmental Art, Fashion and Clothing Design, Film and Television- Film and Television Producing, Fine Arts, Furniture Design, Industrial and Strategic Design, Creative Sustainability- Architecture, New Media, New Media- Game Design and Production, Photography, Spatial Design, and Visual Culture.

On Campus Clubs

Aalto Student Union (AYY) is a service organization that looks after the interests of its members, the number of which is approximately 15,000. The student union is a self-governing public law body that includes all students pursuing a higher or lower university degree at Aalto University. Doctoral students and exchange students may also join the student union if interested. Numerous student organizations and communities, such as subject associations, sections, guilds, and recreational clubs, operate within AYY.

Off Campus Clubs

Aalto Global Impact

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