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New Talent Annual

Graphis award-winning students have gone on to work at top companies including Pentagram, Apple, R/GA, Sagmeister & Walsh, the New York Times Magazine, TBWA\WORLDWIDE, Saatchi & Saatchi, Rolling Stone, Young & Rubicam, INNOCEAN USA, MRM//McCann and many others in the past five years.

How will my school benefit?​

  • The New Talent competition offers professors the tools to inspire students and raise their visual awareness.

  • We publish the best work in the book and present it on our website for industry exposure

  • Teaching skills will be credited with winning student work and recognition in the industry

  • The competition will prepare students for real industry competition

  • Students gain resume building experience by being published which helps students to become sought-after in the job market


What will my school get?

  • Graphis Professional Membership for one year FREE ($75 value) with 50 entries or more.

  • Entries: 50+ Entries: $30 each. 250+ Entries: $25 each. Entries are normally $30 for a single (1 image) and $60 for a series (2 or more images) or video.
    Entering as a school you avoid series fees and allow students to enter up to 7 images or a video at no additional cost

  • Books: Full price - $90. With a Graphis Professional Membership you receive 50% off making the books $45 each. Ordering by box of ten, get each book for $50 each, and save significantly on shipping costs. If your school orders 250 books or more, each book is only $35

  • Your school will receive the very first copies of the published book to distribute to the students before it is available to the public


How will my school gain recognition?

  • Professor(s) Profile with Biography and Portfolio on for continued exposure

  • School Profile with the latest information on your school for reference and to reach prospective parents and students

  • Work entered will be shown immediately on

  • Best from each school archived annually

  • Exhibit your students winning work with a Graphis Exhibition Show or digital slide show installation including: The best from your students, the best work internationally, and bring professionals to your students with the best professional work from your state


How does the entry process work?

  • A guided entry process will allow the work from your school to be entered by the professor and student and billed after the competition closes

  • We offer 60-day payment terms for entries and books to allow time for your school to arrange funding

  • For more information or to get started please call 212.532.9387 or email
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