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155 Dalhousie St., Suite 1062
Toronto, ON M5B 2P7

Company Name

Steiner Graphics

Company Type



English, French and German (with elementary Farsi thrown into the mix)

Established In



Bern, Switzerland



+1 416 792 6969

Biography/Work Experience

René V. Steiner, a Swiss-Canadian, established Steiner Graphics in 2000 and since then has provided design services for a wide variety of individuals and organizations, ranging from artists to international organizatons — it is a truly global client base. Prior to returning to Canada in 2014, Steiner lived and worked in Boston, Zurich and Geneva and was a member of Swiss Graphic Designers (SGD) for the better part of a decade.

Philosophy on Work

Much of his work now focuses on the dynamics of the forces of globalization and how these affect human interaction, locally, nationally and internationally. Born of an Iranian mother and a Swiss father, his perspectives on these issues are reflected in his design work and it is his hope that he can contribute, in however small a fashion, to developing bridges of understanding as opposed to furthering existing social divides.

Professional Specialties

Print media design with a focus on posters and book covers.

Graphis Appearances

Graphis Awards

Graphis Poster Annual 2016 — Gold Award Graphis Poster Annual 2017 — Silver Award Graphis Poster Annual 2018 — Silver Award Graphis Design Annual 2018 — Silver Award Graphis Poster Annual 2019 — Silver Award Graphis Design Annual 2019 — Platinum Award Graphis Poster Annual 2020 — Gold Award Graphis Poster Annual 2020 — Gold Award Graphis Poster Annual 2020 — Silver Award Graphis Design Annual 2020 — Gold Award Graphis Design Annual 2020 — Gold Award Graphis Design Annual 2020 — Silver Award


M.A. Marketing, Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland B.A. Western University, London, Canada


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