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July 9, 1925


Biography/Work Experience

Born in Queens NY he graduated Newtown High School in Queens, NY with a major in art and Photography. He was drafted into the US Navy where he continued his photography while overseas. In 1946 he was discharged and attended on the job training under a government program for 2 years. He then created a Photo Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard where he organized and taught photography to wounded Naval veterans in rehabilitation. Furthering his photography skills, he later worked, and shared a studio with James Abbe. James had gained fame as a portrait photographer of Hollywood movie stars, and was also equally successful as a photojournalist having photographed Franco, Hitler and Stalin etc. before the war. George ran and managed his studio when he was overseas and also supported him in his portrait, fashion and advertising work. George later joined Collins Submarine Pipeline Co. in 1959 as an industrial and underwater photographer covering the laying and underwater construction of their pipelines. This adventurous job took him to several locations worldwide including England, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, in the Persian Gulf. In each of these locations he had to establish photo labs to properly develop his film. Upon coming back after Collins, he worked for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) with Mr. Frank Little who attested on several occasions to Georges eye, skill and grace with a camera. in 1960 he was the technician in charge at the Photography Department in Pratt Institute. In his role here he produced photographs for an exhibition with EXPO '67 in Montreal with Rowena Reed Kostellow of the Pratt Industrial Design Department. The show featured three dimensional subjects that were enlarged and installed on the exhibition walls. From 1974 to 1981, Knoblach continued to supervise and maintain th photography lab at Pratt, where he aslo continued to teach for th Industrial Design department in lighting, copy-work and photography. The students adored him, and many still visit him to this day in Montauk, where he has lived full time since his retirement.

Philosophy on Work

Love it, and just do it!

Professional Specialties

Built his own underwater waterproof plexiglass cases for his cameras long before they were available.

Proudest Achievements

As principal photographer and also with his experience as an underwater diver, he photographed and co-authored the book "DIVE" with Rick and Barbara Carrier. One of the earliest and significant books on diving for its time.


Collins Submarine Pipeline Company. Various portrait and fashion shoots. American Broadcasting Systems (ABC) in the early days. Pratt Institute


Early member of the Long Island Dolphins, a free diving Sports Club on Eastern Long Island. Almost every year George would win the prize for the biggest fish.

Area of Expertise

Landscapes. Portraits and Underwater Photography.

Hobbies / Freetime

Sailing, Free Diving & Photography

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