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Biography/Work Experience

2011– Present Zulu Alpha Kilo. Audi, Bell, The Brides Project, Cineplex, Collingwood Elvis Festival, Corona, Interac, People For Good, Workopolis 2009 – 2011 BBDO, freelance. Astro Foods, Blackberry, Cesar, Lay’s Chips, Mercedes Benz, Sears, Shaw, smart, Starbucks, Tropicana, Uncle Ben’s, Wrigley Juniper Park, freelance. eos, Lay’s Chips, Quaker, SunChips, Tropicana 2009 – 2004 zig. Best Buy, Canadian Real Estate Association, Dare Foods, Greenpeace, Holt Renfrew, IKEA, Molson, New York Fries, Scotts Turf Builder, Unilever, Upper Canada College 2004 – 2000 Young & Rubicam. Campbell’s Soup, Colgate Palmolive, Ford Motor Company, Hot Docs Film Festival, Kraft Foods, Whitehall-Robins 2000 – 1998 GJP. Atlas Wines, Canadian Airlines, Cincinnati Bell, Mac’s, Oxfam, Panasonic, Rogers, Ontario Toyota Dealers 1998 – 1995 Bruce and Myers. Action Force Employment Agency, Cyclepath, Ontario Science Centre, Sunoco, Terminal Barbershop, Volkswagen

Philosophy on Work

I made my first ad when I was 6 years old. It’s a long story. Remind me to tell it to you one day. I’ve been an art director for a large part of my life, creating and making everything from posters to murals before OCAD. As you can I see I haven't really moved around a lot. I'm one to stay for long stretches of time with the intent of making great creative and helping to build awesome agencies. I love all the places I've worked at. They've allowed me to evolve, meet interesting people and help build some pretty fantastic brands. And along the way, I picked up some little attributes like being passionate about ideas, staying organized, caring about craft, being insightful, inspiring, clear, engaging and that seldom use word - loyal.


I’ve worked at some of the best Canadian agencies as an award-winning art director and created some iconic and internationally recognized work. My work has been awarded at the One Show, Communication Arts, Clios, Webby Awards, featured in Lürzers International Archive, plus all the local shows. In total, I’ve won over 200 awards, including prized Cannes Lion medals, plus numerous shortlists. My tv spots and print have been used for international markets. Most notable of all is my IKEA spot that first ran in 2005. Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France, Iceland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Turkey and USA aired the spot. It continues to air in some markets to this day. My ideas have also helped to win business pitches and contributed to significant branding efforts for many of Canada’s top companies, helping me earn 3 Cassies and numerous CMAs. From zig to Zulu (that’s a lot of Z’s) my work has been part of many Strategy Agency of the Year case studies.

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