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Graphis showcases stellar work from a broad spectrum of professionals at the top of their disciplines.

There are many ways for entrants to win honors.

  • Graphis will award Platinum and Gold to the top 100 international entries.
  • Many entrants from the Americas, Asia and Europe also will be awarded with Silver in the top 100 of each of these regions.
  • Those that do not receive Platinum, Gold or Silver awards may still qualify for a Merit Award in the 100 best for their city, state or provence.
  • Therefore, up to 1,000 Platinum, Gold, Silver and Merit awards will be honored and archived on the Graphis website annually.

In addition, awarded entries can also choose to receive printed certificates and 5 lb. "G" trophies. For more information about "G" trophies:


For more information about Certificates:


Winners also receive 50% discounts on select published annuals and digital equivalents, and all entrants receive dedicated urls to their pieces in perpetuity.

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