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Graphis Magazine, The International Journal of Visual Communication, was published and designed by Mr. Walter Herdeg from 1944 through 1985, when it was sold to B. Martin Pedersen. It presented some of the best work in Graphic Design, Advertising, Illustration and Photography from around the world. It was published through 2005, when printing ceased due to economic decline.

Walter Herdeg’s experience led him to feel that designers are not interested in reading, and therefore did not devote a great deal of space to written editorial in the magazine. However, Martin C. Pedersen recognized that it would be beneficial to invest in talented writers to tell about the remarkable work of designers featured in the magazine. From 1997-2000, issues 307-323, Graphis commissioned some great writers such as Tom Wolfe, Truman Capote, Pete Hamill, Paola Antonelli and Phil Patton, among numerous others. These articles shed light on the riveting lives and careers of those behind the artwork in the industry.

For your reference, all contributors, as well as people about whom articles were written, are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Become a Professional Member to gain access to over 60 years of Graphis Magazine from 1944 to 2005. These 360 issues give rare insight into the historical emergence of our professions from a start in fine art to the development of commercial art, Advertising and Design as we know them today.


  • Wahren, Max, Author
  • Waki, Seikichi, Author
  • Walker, Peter, Architect
  • Walker, R. A., Author
  • Walker, Thomas K., Author
  • Wallrapp, Yustin, Author
  • Walz Jr., Ch. A., Author
  • Ward, Peter, Author
  • Warde, Beatrice, Author
  • Ware, Chris, Cartoonist, Illustrator
  • Wartmann, Dr. E., Author
  • Wasniewsky, Jerzy, Author
  • Watanabe, Nana, Photographer
  • Waters, John, Filmmaker
  • Waters, Peter, Author
  • Watson, Albert, Photographer
  • Watson, W., Author
  • Weaks, Dan, Photographer
  • Weaver, Robert, Author, Illustrator
  • Webb, Michael, Author
  • Weber, Jessica M., Author
  • Webster, David, Author
  • Wegman, William, Photographer
  • Wehrlin, R., Author
  • Weibel, Dr. Kurt, Author
  • Weidemann, Prof. Kurt, Author
  • Weidman, John, Author
  • Weihs, Bertram A. Th., Illustrator
  • Weill, Alan, Author
  • Weinberg-Staber, Margit, Author
  • Weiner, Piroska, Author
  • Weingart, Wolfgang, Author, Graphic Designer, Typographer
  • Weinstock, Nino, Author
  • Weintraub, Anette, Author
  • Welti, Dr. Jakob Rudolf, Author
  • Wendland, Henning, Author
  • Wenger, Edwin, Author
  • Wenzel, Erich, Author
  • Werner, Author
  • Wescher, Herta, Author
  • Wetli, Hugo, Poster Artist
  • Whaite, Lyndon, Author
  • Whelan, Richard, Author
  • White III, Charles, Illustrator
  • Whittet, G. S., Author
  • Wickman, Kerstin, Author
  • Widmer, Jean, Graphic Designer
  • Wiedemann, Barbara, Author
  • Wiegand, Ingrid, Author
  • Wiese, Bruno K., Author, Designer
  • Wiet, Gaston, Author
  • Wilcox, David, Illustrator
  • Wild, Doris, Author
  • Wilker, Karlsson, Author
  • Wilkinson, Alan L., Author
  • Wilkinson, Peter, Author
  • Willardt, Kenneth, Photographer
  • Willberg, Peter, Author
  • Willer, Therese, Author
  • Williams, Rynn, Author
  • Wills, Franz Hermann, Author
  • Wilson, Randall, Architect, Professor
  • Wilson, Scottie, Draftsman
  • Winter, Conny J., Designer
  • Winterhager, Klaus, Author
  • Wirkkala, Tapio, Designer
  • Wirth, Kurt, Author, Illustrator
  • Wirz, Adolf, Author
  • Witting, Verner, Illustrator
  • Wohlwend, Franz, Author
  • Wolf, Henry, Author, Art Director, Photographer
  • Wolf, Reinhart, Author
  • Wolfe, Paul, Advertiser
  • Wolfe, Tom, Writer
  • Wolfensberger, J.E., Lithographer
  • Wolff, Laetitia, Author
  • Wolff, Rudi, Author
  • Wolfromm, Jean Didlier, Author
  • Wollnberger, Paul, Author
  • Wong, Wendy Siuyi, Author
  • Woodward, Fred, Designer
  • Woodward, Richard B., Author
  • Wormell, Christopher, Artist, Illustrator
  • Wortmann, Rainer, Graphic Designer
  • Wroblewska, D., Author
  • Wurman, Richard Saul, Author, Architect, Graphic Designer
  • Wynn-Jones, Michael, Author
  • Wyss, Robert, Illustrator
  • Wyss, Urban, Calligraphist
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